We are Stonnington 

An integrated community of children, families and educators


The Stonnington Children’s Centre is an integrated community of families, children and educators, all of whom respect common values and beliefs which underpin the care and education of young children. These values and beliefs are the foundation for the philosophy of the centre, which is to provide:

  • An Emergent Curriculum with experiences that take the children on a learning journey.

  • An environment where individuals are encouraged to focus on the journey of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

  • A happy and welcoming service, where families, children and educators feel safe, secure and supported in developing a strong sense of identity. Also to enhance positive partnerships involving open communication between families, educators and children.

  • Nurturing of children’s dispositions such as creativity, imagination, persistence and resilience.

  • An environment that encourages and welcomes children to actively participate in shared learning.

  • A service which provides support, guidance, scaffolding and encouragement of effective learning, independence and responsibility.

  • A service inclusive of taking into account all children’s social, cultural linguistic diversity and embedding our aboriginal culture (including learning styles, abilities, disabilities, gender, family circumstances and geographic location) in decision – making curriculum processes. 

  • Guiding and modeling for the children through positive reinforcement.

  • Curriculums that encompass a connection with nature and sustainability and awareness and respect for the environment.

  • An environment where children are learning through the value of play.

  • Ongoing learning and Reflective Practice that involves engaging with questions of philosophy, ethics and practice.